10th Honda Civic Tour

"We are psyched to be headlining the Honda Civic 10th Anniversary tour!"

The 10th Annual Honda Civic Tour saw Blink 182 team up with My Chemical Romance to tour the United States and Canada. It meant a lot to Blink as they were also on the very first Honda Civic Tour.

The Car

The tour is notorious for its intense, fun atmosphere, alternative music and THE CAR which is given away to a fan. Each year, a band gets to design and customise their own Honda Civic car, and 2011 was the year of Blink 182. Mark Hoppus teamed up with Max Gramajo, who designed album artwork and T-shirts for the band, to create something amazing.

The car was painted in matte black with the 'Blink 182' logo on the bonnet. Next, came their infamous bunny logo along the side, which had been altered and influenced by street and Japanese art. In an interview, Tom spoke about the history of the bunny:

"16 years ago, it started with the Alice in Wonderland bunny  […] When we were younger and we'd go to punk rock shows, you'd be running around beating yourself up in the pit; it was kinda what you'd do to get out some of your angst, so the bunny seemed to be dancing and running round in a circle pit. Then we modernised it when we got back together […] but it's still young and angsty and that's a large part of our band."

USA First Leg

Honda Civic decided to start the tour off in New Jersey, where Blink 182 and My Chemical Romance hit the stage for the first time. The bond between the two bands was immediately confirmed with typical Blink banter storming the stage. They cut to the chase with Tom screaming,

"What do you guys think of Gerard Way? Isn't he just dreamy? You know what I'm talking about girls... dreamy!"

Some European fans were unhappy and there was controversy over why Blink played the Honda Civic and postponed the European part of their 20th Anniversary Tour. Blink-182 reassured the fans, letting them know they wanted to release a new album before hitting Europe.

On this leg of the tour, the boys were supported by Manchester Orchestra, an indie rock band from Atlanta. The band said of Blink 182,

"It's fun man, they're all really kind people. It's kind of crazy. And they're definitely a band that represented a huge part of our childhood. I used to hide Take Off Your Pants and Jacket from my mom all the time!"


The Honda Civic tour visited Canada for two dates: Toronto on 17th August and Vancouver on 31st. The band brought their jokes and teasing straight across the border. Tom began in Toronto by burping into the microphone, saying sorry then chastising the audience with,

"Grow up, Toronto! I said excuse me! You're so immature."

The banter continued and Blink-182 broke the silence about their new album,

"It's been eight years. Don't fucking rush us or we'll break up again. We'll break up right now!"

Canadian reviews praised all of the bands on tour. Blink-182 could do no wrong.

USA Second Leg

After a month of touring, you would think the band would be tired and some enthusiasm would be lost. But this is Blink-182. Tom announced he fucked everyone's mom in Miami, then both Mark and Tom turned their affections to Travis, showing they still have the same bond they had at the very first Honda Civic tour.

Mark: "I'd be shirtless too if I had a chest and abs like Travis!"
Tom: "I'm not saying I would fuck Travis. I'd make sweet, gentle love to him!"

A range of legendary, Blink-182 chosen bands joined them and My Chemical Romance: Rancid, Alkaline Trio, H2O, Jimmy Eat World, Neon Trees, and Matt and Kim. Some reviews complained about My Chemical Romance's attitude on stage, saying Blink-182 were much more thrilled to be on stage. Blink bias? We don't mind! Fans and music reviewers raved about the shows, with one commenting,

"Blink 182 played like they were still 20 year olds making snotty punk music, and I mean that in a good way. Mark Hoppus bounced around the whole time and it didn't look like he aged at all in the last 15 years. Drummer Travis Barker was furious on the kit and Tom DeLonge sang like he had something to prove."

Each date of the Honda Civic tour ended with an extra treat for the audience, as Travis was hoisted into the air on a chariot to do a solo piece. Like a Roman god, he drummed over the audience. The other boys returned to the stage to close the night with Family Reunion.