Scott Raynor

1992 - 1998

Scott Raynor was the original drummer for Blink-182 and was present for the inception of the pop-punk legends we know and love. By nineteen he had a huge fan base and a gold record with Dude Ranch. But what were the early days with Blink like, and what has Scott done since parting ways with the band?

Born on May 23rd 1978 in Poway, California, Scott took an interest in playing the drums in his pre-teens. A huge Metallica fan, Scott and a school friend formed a duo with the intention of playing a track by his heavy metal heroes at a kind of 'show and tell'. It was a brave move for a couple of eleven year olds, and after finding the heavy metal legends too technically demanding, they performed 'Twist Of Cain' by Danzig and 'London Dungeon' by the Misfits. 

A meeting of musical minds

It was while attending Rancho Bernardo High School that a meeting which can only be described as fateful occurred. During a Battle Of The Bands, where Scott's band The Necropheliacs performed a cover of Metallica's 'Creeping Death', a certain transfer student by the name of Tom DeLonge impressed a packed auditorium with 'Who's Gonna shave Your Back Tonight?', a song he'd penned himself. Later, the two would be introduced at a party held by Necropheliacs founder member Paul Scott. Fourteen year old Scott had found someone he had lots in common with, and he and Tom were soon writing songs together. 

Early days with Blink-182

With the addition of bassist Mark Hoppus, Tom and Scott had found their third musketeer, bonding at punk shows and movies, recording in Scott's bedroom. The original incarnation of Blink was born. The band began to work the local live circuit, Mark signed a record deal, and Scott eventually dropped out of full-time school and moved in with Mark Hoppus and his sister in San Diego to keep playing with the band, as his family had moved out to Reno, Nevada. 

"The summer I lived with Mark and his family was probably the greatest summer of my life so far," said Raynor in 2001. "I left home at 17, came to San Diego, we bought a van, finished our first video… I had all kinds of dreams in my head, and they were all coming true." 

Tension in the band and a parting of the ways

As commercial success beckoned, problems began to arise within the band and came to a head during SnoCore. When Scott was called home during a West Coast mini-tour due to a major family loss, Travis Baker from The Aquabats filled his role as drummer, and shortly after that Scott and Blink parted ways. Later, Scott would agree that his drinking had caused issues, that he'd felt disconnected and was a dead weight, and the band was right to cut him loose. 

Beyond Blink-182

So what has Scott been up to since his Blink days? Scott has kept very busy over the years, having a hand in numerous musical projects including work with the The Axidentals, Grimby and The Spazms, where he realised his dream of working with Nirvana producer Jack Endino. Aside from this, he has contributed to the charity StandUpForKids, supporting their work with homeless children across America. More recently, he used his musical talent to teach music to teens in trouble with the law.