Our Favourite All The Small Things Covers

There's no denying All the Small Things is Blink-182's most successful song ever, so it's no surprise that it's been covered literally thousands of times. Here are some of the best covers on YouTube right now.

Caroline Gallagher

Caroline Gallagher covering All The Small Things

Most of the time, what makes a great cover is not how much like the original an act can sound, but how they interpret it and twist it into something different but equally great. Using just her voice and a mandolin, this is exactly what Caroline Gallagher does. This version is far more light and easy-going with a little country twang to it – think Taylor Swift's ukulele versions of some of her songs. This artist proves you can mould any song to fit your style, and if you're really talented, you'll make the track sound like it's your own original.

There's something unique about Caroline's take on this Blink-182 classic, not just the vocal performance – which is effortlessly pretty – but how she manages to turn this upbeat track into a ballad! 

It's always a little odd hearing a female vocal on a song synonymous with a male band, but Caroline pulls it off with ease.


Dalby covering All The Small Things

This acoustic version of the song is very singer/songwriter, with an intense vocal interpretation of the track. Dalby's accent shines through a bit too, putting a weirdly British spin on this very Californian track. It gets a bit like Ed Sheeran at points, though the acoustic version of the song's breakdown is what really gives this version its edge.

Dalby gives an absolutely stunning yet simplistic, conversational vocal performance on this song, and the entire track is beautifully put together. I'd happily sit in a club and listen to this guy's take on the Blink classic. This is one artist who knows how to put his own stamp on a classic.

Blue Pearl

Blue Pearl covering All The Small Things

The best Blink covers are those that represent the essence of the band – fun! Blue Pearl's cover has a lot of goofing around in the video, but they also bring a lot of fun, light-hearted elements to the song itself. Not taking the cover too seriously, the band add everything from double claps to varying drumbeats, switched-up tempos, harmonies and more to create what should be a calamity, but which works really well. These guys get top marks for effort.

You really can't beat a band that clearly loves what it does, and the guys in Blue Pearl put some real verve and vitality into their version of 'All the small things' It may not be the most electrifying vocal performance, but these guys get top marks for effort!

Unknown Reggae Version

Reggae Version of All The Small Things

It's unclear who this cover is by, and the video is terrible, but the cover itself is actually great. Who knew any Blink song could be turned reggae? The whole Caribbean guitar vibe works well on its own, but the singer performs a few vocal twists which not only make the cover sound more reggae, but also prove that whilst covers can sound amazing with a few instrumental tweaks or rhythm changes, a vocal change can give the song a whole new soulful interpretation. This is the kind of version of this track you could imagine being played by a wedding band.

What stands out about this video is how easily the band has made this track their own, and the audience is well and truly into the performance! The main thing about covering a song, any song, is how much you enjoy interpreting the track in your own way, and all the youtube artists in this section clearly do that.