Nine by Blink-182


The eagerly awaited ninth studio album is finally with us, and just so there’s no doubt it's their ninth album, it's cleverly entitled Nine! We've already had a taste of what the album holds, with some of the top tracks from the album – 'Blame it on my youth', 'Generational Divide', 'Happy Days', 'Darkside' and 'I Really Wish I Hated You' - already being released before the album dropped.

For Nine, the band worked with John Feldman, who did such a sterling job of producing California in 2016, but also brought in producer Tim Pagnotta and the Futuristics to create the final cut.

With Mark, Travis and Matt drawing from the world and current events and also from Mark's battle with depression, the songwriting on the album has a dark theme. Blink have also brought their iconic pop-punk sound thoroughly up to date with influences of hip hop and electronic programming. Regardless of the tweaks to their style, Nine is Blink-182 through and through! 

Kicking off the album, 'The First Time' has a relentless drive and energy, with a punchy chorus reminiscent of All Time Low. After a solid start, we dive straight into 'Happy Days' and from there on in the album just powers through the next 12 songs.

Darkside Video

Darkside Music Video

After a roaring start, the album slows down into 'Heaven'. This instantly catchy track has +44 vibe but is inherently Blink - sure to be a firm live favourite. 'Darkside' and 'Blame It On My Youth' bring the thunder, barrelling straight into ‘Generational Divide’ which cranks it up to 11 with chaotic melodies and crunchy guitars – and some absolute stellar drumming from Travis keeping the whole thing tight.

‘Run Away’ brings the album back to earth with some deep lyrics blending perfectly with jangly guitars and a catchy chorus. Matt Skiba lead track ‘Black Rain’ has an incredible opening, building up into what is likely to become a fan favourite. This track has a distinct Alkaline Trio feel to it, and Matt kills it on vocals. 'I Really Wish I Hated You' mellows the mid-section of the album out, with Mark and Matt sharing the vocal.

I Really Wish I Hated You

I Really Wish I Hated You Music Video

It's clear Travis' work with rap, hip hop and electronic-based artists have had a firm influence on the sound of Blink in recent years, and that comes to the forefront on 'Why Are We So Broken', which leads nicely into relentlessly rocky 'Pin The Grenade'. This upbeat track has an iconic Blink-182 feel to it, reminiscent of California. 'No Heart To Speak Of' has already had some incredible fan feedback, and this is another Matt lead track with an underlying Alkaline Trio vibe. Arguably one of the best songs of the album, with a slow build-up to an incredibly powerful chorus this is one outstanding track. 

Bringing up the rear of the album, 'Ransom' has some pure relentless energy to it, and leads perfectly into 'On Some Emo Shit' which is just pure Blink, from melody to catchy lyrics – yet another outstanding track that is sure to become a crowd-pleaser. 'Hungover' follows the same vibe – buoyant, classic Blink, and catchy as hell. So many future live favourites on one album! And here we are at the end, and what a powerful ending to what has already been lauded as one of Blink-182's best album in many years. 'Remember To Forget Me' tones the relentless energy of the album way down, with an acoustic intro and some deep, thoughtful lyrics. This song is 100% crowd-pleaser, and sure to become one of the most memorable tracks on Nine. Overall, it’s pretty safe to say Mark, Matt and Travis absolutely nailed the new album!

Nine Tracklist

  1. The First Time
  2. Happy Days
  3. Heaven
  4. Darkside
  5. Blame It on My Youth
  6. Generational Divide
  7. Run Away
  8. Black Rain
  9. I Really Wish I Hated You
  10. Pin the Grenade
  11. No Heart to Speak Of
  12. Ransom
  13. On Some Emo Shit
  14. Hungover You
  15. Remember to Forget Me