Fun Facts About Blink-182 That Will Blow Your Mind


Everybody knows All The Small Things was written by Tom about his girlfriend after she complained that he always wrties songs about other girls . But did you know that bassist Mark Hoppus met his future wife on the shoot for this video, who he went onto marry on December 2, 2000.

Speaking of that video, although the beach scenes were a parody of a 98 degrees video, the beach in question has been used for many pop videos, including One Direction’s That’s What Makes You Beautiful.

Mark is a complete football (soccer for our Americain friends) fan, supporting his local team Chelsea FC and makes occasional appearances on top football shows like Soccer AM.

One of the most well known facts is that the original band’s name was only Blink, but when an Irish Techno band going by the same name threatened to sue them, they decided to change it and added 182 to end the dispute. 

The Blink boys love a film cameo. Their most memorable appearance was in the first American Pie, but they also appeared in an episode of 2 Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place. Tom Delonge also had a small part in the horror Idle Hands back in 1999.

And when American Pie originally aired, Scott Raynor was credited with the cameo appearance, not Travis Barker. Ouch.

Blink-182 is pronounced differently in different continents. Are you a Blink one-EIGHT-two fan, or Blink one-EIGHTY-two fan?

Like most young bands starting out, their first gig was in a high school, but then the boys got a regular slot at San Diego YMCA centres. Did someone say Young Man?

Jimmy Eat World is one of Tom Delonge’s favourite bands - he wrote Emo about them and they also played at his wedding.

Tom actually believes in the existence of Aliens. He believes in them so deeply that he lives to see them. One might think he even loves them because he once bought a computer to help in observing them to know stuff about them– perhaps communicating with them too. One of his favourite song is 'Aliens Exists’.

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