Christmas Songs From Blink-182

Christmas songs are quickly forgotten as we rarely listen to them for more than a week or two. So with the festive holidays nearly upon us, we thought we'd remind you of some great Christmas songs by Blink-182 for your listening pleasure.

Not Another Christmas Song

Not Another Christmas Song from Blink-182

Following up from Blink's Nine album, the band released a christmas song that's not actually a Christmas song and titled as 'Not Another Christmas Song'.

I Won't Be Home For Christmas

I Won't Be Home for Christmas from Blink-182

'I Won't Be Home for Christmas' tells the tale of a guy who is fed up with Christmas and the events leading up to it in typical punk fashion. Released as part of a punk rock christmas compilation album, the song has also appeared as a bonus song on the Greatest Hits album and part of the "Josie" single release.

Boxing Day

Boxing Day from Dogs Eating Dogs

One of our favourites is from Blink's Dogs Eating Dogs EP, 'Boxing Day' has a subtle acoustic/rustic type vibe to it. Mark's vocal dominates this track but still manages to blend perfectly with Tom's melancholic tone. There's something weirdly serene about this Blink track, which is unusual for a band intent on taking us on a rollercoaster of pop/punk bravado. 'Boxing Day' makes a great addition to any Christmas playlist, a perfect song to enjoy over the festive period.

Christmas Vacation (+44)

Christmas Vacation from +44

'Christmas Vacation you took a vacation from me...' just about sums up the tone of the entire song! It's not the cheeriest offering, but it has Mark Hoppus hallmark all over it! We love this upbeat offering from +44, incorporating all the bouncy pop/punk elements we've come to expect from Mark's side-band. There's little festive cheer to be had here, but it's still got that buoyancy we love. For a hit of nostalgia, we think it deserves a place on your Christmas playlist.

Happy Holidays, You Bastard!

Happy Holidays, You Bastard from Take Off Your Pants and Jacket

Finally, a pure punk onslaught! Taking their irreverent pop/punk stance to a whole new level of derisive festive fun, Blink-182's 'Happy Holidays, You Bastard' has the makings of a Christmas classic your granny probably WOULDN'T want to listen to over turkey! With the tried and tested formula of Mark and Tom sharing the lead, this track comes from 'Take Off Your Pants and Jacket', way back when Blink was at the height of their popularity. 'Happy Holidays, You Bastard' manages to pack a punch, not least because it comes in at 42 seconds of pure punk fueled mayhem.

We might only listen to them for a few weeks out of the year, but for those few weeks, these tracks need cranking up loud. Happy listening and Happy Holidays!