Blink 182 Announce New Single One More Time!

blink-182 are back with their brand-new single and album 'One More Time'. Due to be released this thursday Blink182 have launched pre orders for the one more time album including vinyls, cassettes and cds with the official release to be this thursday followed by the album on the 20th October.

Release timings for the new sinle are:

  • 7Am LA
  • 10am NY
  • 2pm London

Blink 182 Trailer

Along with the annoucement and merchandise you can also watch the trailer below

Album Tracks

The album trackers have appeared on amazon with the following track names

  • One More Time
  • Edging
  • Turn This Off!
  • Fuck Face
  • Blink Wave
  • Anthem Part 3
  • More Than You Know
  • Turpetine
  • Other Side
  • Childhood
  • Fell In Love
  • Terrified
Blink 182 One More Time Album Blink 182 One More Time Album on Amazon

Pre Order New Album

Pre order the album on Amazon Here