Blink 182 Teases New Music!

Big News - blink 182 Teases New Music!

Tease for new music

The world renowned pop-punk trio, blink 182, have been teasing us for the last couple of weeks with cryptic posters and some weird shennaigans on the website and after a little bit of a hiccup with the start of the new tour when travis barker had to head back to the US for an emergency it seems finally they are releasing brand new music for the first time since their 2019 album, Nine! After months of teasing, the band have finally shared a snippet of their new tracks, leaving fans eager to hear the full tracklist. The full track list for the upcoming album is yet to be revealed, so it seems fans will have to wait ajust a little longer, however, for the track names we think we know we like what we are hearing!

Blink 182 New Music Tease

Potential tracks

Turn This Off

One More Time

You Don't Know What You've Got

Dance With Me

Anthem PT 3

You can listen to enhanced version of the track snippets from their social post here


Is authentic blink back? The clips from this post really sound like something as near to the Blink Untitled album as i can remember and for all the fans of the untitled album lets hope it is! They seem to be back together what feels like properly this and really enjoying themselves and i think and hope this will be play out in the new music!

When will new music drop?

We expect a single any minute now! Lets hope its today! Potentially one more time?