Watch Blink-182 In The KROQ Red Bull Sound Space


Blink-182 celebrated their 2003 untitled album by playing a few songs live in the KROQ RedBull SoundSpace. 

Appearing on the incredibly small stage in jovial mood, Blink launched into a fantastic version of 'Feeling This'. Tom and Mark were on good vocal form and the band kept it tight for the entire track, moving seamlessly into the relentless 'Leave when I wanna' before treating the audience to a perfect rendition of 'I Miss You'. 

Never missing a beat, Travis brought the band tumbling into 'Violence' with an incredible drum solo, showcasing a phenomenal talent that has gained him the title of the world’s first rock star drummer. Clearly a super star in his own right, it’s always great to see Travis taking the spotlight. Violence's brutal edge is an absolute show stealer, but with a few words of banter later, the band has drawn a breath ready to launch into 'Down' with its thought provoking lyric and melancholy vibe. 

Moving onto a powered up rendition of 'Always', which should have been their final song, Blink had the audience in the palm of their hand, sneaking in an extra track 'Dammit' much to the delight of the crowd. An excellent closer for the intimate gig, 'Dammit' harks back to a simpler time when the band's main aim was fun, and the angsty, aggressive lyric echoes that juvenile stage in stark contrast with their later, darker song writing. 

Considering the small venue and close proximity of the excitable crowd, the guys gave it their all, clearly showing a commitment to pleasing their audience whether it numbers in the tens or the tens of thousands. This is the testament of a hard working band that despite their super star status, still remember where they came from. The KROQ Red Bull Sound Space gig had a back to basics feel about it, and that makes for an outstanding performance from the heroes of pop punk.