Travis Barker Gives You A Tattoo Tour


Blink-182'’s Travis Barker takes you on a guided tour of his tattoos, revealing the hidden meanings behind his ink. Would you share the stories behind your tattoos? For some it’s far too personal, for others there is no story, but for all fans of Travis, and indeed tattoos, this is a must see as our favourite rock star drummer chats candidly about his ink

After his first ever tattoo (lettering of his nickname 'Bones') was burnt from his leg during the plane crash that almost took his life, Travis speaks openly of the pain of having tattoos on the skin grafts, putting a positive spin on it by pointing out he now gets to start afresh at some point! As always, Travis seems happy to share his stories, you only have to read his autobiography 'Can I Say' to know that this is a man who believes in a warts and all approach to super rock stardom!

It's a brave man who chooses to have his entire head tattooed, but the work on Travis' scalp is absolutely stunning. Travis looks like a walking work of art, with everything from homages to his love of Cadillac to memorial tattoos for Lil Wayne and DJ AM, his skin is a story in pictures, just waiting to be read. We can only wait with anticipation to see what Travis will chose to cover the skin grafts on his leg with. One thing's for sure, it'll be incredible!