Our Top 5 Live Blink-182 Videos


I Miss You

Live from the Target Centre in Minneapolis. This one was a sure thing. It captures Blink 182 at the peak of their career, pre-hiatus. Everything just clicks, they’re enjoying the performance and sound great to boot. The video captures them when they were in their prime, in the midst of their ascent to stardom. The intertwining vocals between Mark and Tom work effortlessly and with Travis keeping the beat whilst hitting every other drum at the same time; simply perfection in a video. 

The thing that really stands out about this live performance by Blink-182 at their best is how gelled they appear to be – the band is tight, the vocals are spot on and everything is right in with the world. Viewing this phenomenal live performance, it’s easy to see why Blink-182 became the undisputed darlings of pop punk. 

First Date

‘First Date’ live in Chicago. This one’s taken from the Urethra Chronicles Pt 2. We all know Tom’s vocals can be sketchy from time to time, ranging from bearable to ‘what did he just say?’ but in this video, he’s bang on the money. Sporting his infamous Stratocaster (which needs to make a comeback), everything about this video is pop-punk perfection; low slung guitars, animalistic drumming and the classic Tom Delonge vocals circa 2001.

'First Date' live has an incredible amount of energy to it, showcasing a band at the very top of their live game. Watching it makes you feel like throwing your hands in the air for some Travis Barker style air-drumming! For anyone who didn’t witness Blink-182 live at the peak of their popularity, then this video is just one of many that shows the sheer dynamism of their performance! 

What's My Age Again?

‘What’s My Age Again?’ live from Las Vegas. Playing this during their Neighborhoods Tour shows that even with age starting to creep up on them, they can still sing about sex and sodomy. I know a lot of Blink fans who haven’t been keen on their live shows post-hiatus and I’d agree to an extent with some live videos being less than great but this one shows they’ve still got it. It’s rocky, a lot of fun to listen to and they properly nailed it. Travis kills it near the end, who knew a man could move his hands so quickly and still keep a beat? 


‘Dammit’ live from New York. Easily one of the best performances of this song live. The energy during this show is unreal. Tom’s guitar work is really at an all time high, Marks vocals are on point and do I need to mention Travis’ drumming again? No, I didn’t think so. This is quite literally the definition of a perfect Blink performance, no holds barred pop punk, unparalleled intensity. There’s a good reason why this is one of their defining songs, it’s perfect in every aspect and this performance highlights that.

Everything about this performance screams pop punk perfection, from the aggressive guitar driven rhythm to the angst ridden lyric. It’s raw, unbridled energy, it’s fulfilling their rock star potential, it's Blink at their very best.


‘Down’ live at Red Bull Sound Space at KROQ for the "Untitled" albums 10th anniversary. (10th Anniversary? I feel old). One of the most recent Blink 182 performances of ‘Down’. I find it astonishing that these songs still hold the same relevance they did when they were first released in 2003. As I spoke about earlier, Tom’s vocals can be hit or miss from time to time and in more recent performances it usually falls into the latter category but for me, this performance is excellent. Granted it’s not perfect but it works. This video for me is an indication of how far the band have come from the ‘Cheshire Cat’ (or if you want to get really technical on Blink 182’s discography ‘Flyswatter’) days right through to ‘Neighborhoods’. This performance is eponymous and highlights just how good Blink 182 are. Just listen to the end of the video again and hear how in-sync the instrumentation is. To me, this is one of their best performances and not just of ‘Down’, in general. Also, you can’t not love two 40 year olds hitting out with toilet humour. Priceless. 

So with a little bit of courage, painstaking sacrifices and a lot of chopping and changing we think we've compiled quite a coherent list of blink-182's top 5 live videos. Do you agree? Let us know what your favourite live video is.