Mark & Matt Perform Acoustic Set In The BBC Live Lounge


The questions Blink-182 fans have been asking since Matt Skiba took Tom Delonge's place in the band are finally starting to be answered. The main one being - will Blink still sound like themselves? With the release of their first single featuring the Alkaline Trio vocalist, it's safe to say the band has maintained much of its original sound and 'Bored To Death' has already become a new fan favourite. 

So it was a treat for fans new and old this week when Mark Hoppus and Matt Skiba performed an acoustic set at the BBC Radio 1 live lounge. It's always odd seeing Blink perform without Travis, but the two vocalists handled the three track set list like the pros they are. 

Feeling this

Totally in the zone, Matt and Mark spoke candidly to Radio 1 about the new track before launching into an entirely acoustic version of 'Bored To Death'.  Stripped back, this otherwise classic pop/punk orientated track sounds incredibly different, with the lyrics suddenly becoming more meaningful when backed by simple acoustic guitar. 

'We wrote this song on January 15th or 16th of this year. I remember it because it was the first song that we wrote on the first day that we went into the studio…' - Mark Hoppus on 'Bored To Death'

What's better than chatting about classic Blink songs? Listening to them, of course, and Mark and Matt did a stellar job on vocals for the next acoustic track, a bare bones version of an effortlessly jubilant version of the anthemic Blink-182 classic 'All The Small Things'. 

'It's a good one, that song really has done great things for Blink, it's a very special moment in time for us.'– Mark Hoppus on 'All the Small Things'

Live and sounding good

Singing entirely live, it's clear that the guys' voices blend really well. Without Tom's vocal, it's a little like listening to +44, but it's only a matter of time before Blink without Tom becomes the new normal. 

Rounding off with 'Girl At The Rock Show', Mark and Matt brought the Live Lounge session to a fantastic end, proving that simplistic versions of Blink songs work equally as well as the versions we're all used to. Would we be up for an entirely acoustic Blink-182 album somewhere down the line? Having heard today's session in the live lounge, it seems like something that should happen!

Just reading the comments from the YouTube upload of the Live Lounge Session, it's great to see the reactions from fans, even if everyone isn't fully on board with the new sound and line-up. The general consensus though seems to be that just having Blink-182 back on the scene is great news in itself. 

'I've got Goosebumps, I feel like I'm 12 again…' Finn – Radio 1 Live Lounge caller. 

And with that, why not check out the video for yourself!