Blink-182 Rock Brixton Academy


Blink-182 have been round for a few years now, they recently performed 2 warm up shows before their headlining slot at Reading & Leeds later this month. But the shows they put on, their performance still had the energy of a band in their twenties! They were equally as energetic as the crowd cheering them on at Brixton Academy across the 2 dates.

Band members Mark, Tom and Traivs re-lived their euphoric moments playing many of the hit songs from their previous 6 albums to date. Unfortunatly nothing new was played, maybe they're saving that for a future tour?

The gigs were made up of an impressieve set list along with an encore to send the fans wild. We've put together a few videos from the gig for you to remember the great night you had, or if you sadly missed it the 2 shows, a little peak at what you missed.

Above we have All the Small Things, one of the all time greats, the crowd went wild screaming the chorus at the top of their lungs.

I Miss You

This one song stole the show away, the trio showed their softer sides with the crowd singing along with them. Cited as the couple's anthem, the song describes the feelings of a boy who is naughty and crazy but has a heart too and that heart misses someone desperately. 'I Miss You' is the song everyone remembers on the way home, and for that reason it has to be the show stopper. An emotional vocal performance from Mark and Tom, a solid backbone of drums from Travis and you have yet another perfect performance of the much loved Blink ballad. 


The trio breaks the "been there and done that" feel of the audience with this song, it came as a surprise to the audience, the show was coming to an end, but the band came out for a 3 song encore, starting off with Violence. The best bit had to be when F**K lit up in flames behind the band at the start of the song. 'Violence' has a slow build that keeps the audience in edgy anticipation, building them up to a fever pitch with a wall of sound before the final onslaught. Never ones to skimp on sheer musicality, Blink tore the place apart with this track, a complete curve ball for a thrilled audience. 


The song brought back the memories of a time when we were not broken but brazen. It brought back the memories of the time when the world was a playground and we were the players. There's something quite dark about the lyric to this track, and 'Down's' melancholy vibe shows Blink-192 in thoughtful mode, and is always a perfect mid-set choice during a live show, calming the audience with its emotive lyric but leaving them geared up for the next electrifying track. 

Feeling This

There was no better song than this to open the show with, they knew the song brings out the ultimate feeling of happiness and so they made the whole auditorium go gaga with this song. 'Feeling This' is the quintessential pop/punk anthem, a guitar driven crowd pleaser with a racing drum beat and a hook line guaranteed to get the audience bouncing and singing along. As opening songs go, this was by far the best choice with Blink instantly capturing the audience in the palm of their hand.