5 Seconds of Summer Go Acoustic on 'I Miss You' Cover

The Australian pop-rock sensation 5 Seconds of Summer recently made a very cool tribute to one of their favourite bands. The 5SOS guys set off to the United Kingdom for their gig at the iTunes Festival, but they also made a small detour and visited the Live Lounge over at BBC's Radio 1.

Having spent the previous period of the year in the United States supporting One Direction, this was probably seen as a perfect opportunity to reconnect with all the fans in the UK. For their appearance on Radio 1, the 5SOS choose to play an acoustic version of 'I Miss You' by the legendary Blink-182, of which the Aussies have several times underlined their respect and love for.

5 Seconds of Summer opened their performance with a sharp, improvised beat on a wooden box. Then, the light guitar tones started to play and the band went into the well-known song. With several distinct vocals used in the performance, the band produced a touching cover of the song, followed by a minimal-sounding but still very powerful acoustic melody.

When they left the premises of Radio 1, a huge crowd of fans, mostly teenagers, swept in and tried to get a glimpse of their favourite stars. The boys of 5SOS seemed very satisfied with their performance, and they had all the right to feel this way.