Travis Barker Premieres Rabbit Hole

Listen to Rabbit Hole by Blink-182

Aren't we lucky? Another song from the upcoming album, California. 'Rabbit Hole' made it's debut on Beats 1 radio today and it's quite the catchy tune.

'Dear head, shut up, I can’t listen no more. It’s late, shut up, is one night too much to ask for…'

Whilst Mark Hoppus and Matt Skiba were busy wowing the Live Lounge audience with an acoustic set of tracks old and new, Travis Barker was busy launching Blink-182's brand new summer single 'Rabbit Hole'. Making an appearance on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 Radio show, Travis spoke candidly about Matt, Tom, and the future of Blink-182, and of course introduced fans to the brand new track 'Rabbit Hole', and what a track it is.

Fast paced, frenetic, fun, pop/punk with a touch of the old Blink-182 humour and an effortlessly catchy hook, 'Rabbit Hole' is a sure fire summer hit and a future crowd pleaser for sure.  Mark and Matt's vocals work well together, and the entire song has a tight feel to it – a band back at the top if its game. Do we have a future live favourite in our midst? No doubt about it, and when Blink start their US tour in September, this track is sure to be one that gets the crowds singing along.

If social media feedback is anything to go by, fans are already hyping 'Rabbit Hole', and with some cities on the US tour already sold out and Kerrang Magazine honouring Blink-182 with an Icon Award recently, it's safe to say the crowned princes of pop/punk are set for one hell of a year! We certainly can’t wait for the new album 'California' to drop on July 1st, and we know we're not alone!

Travis Barker down the Rabbit Hole

Sounding happy and relaxed, Travis chatted to Zane Lowe on Beats 1, touching on how much easier it is for musicians to reach their audience today than it was back in the early days of Blink-182. Today's artists can connect with an entire world of prospective fans, but with Blink's social media accounts constantly on fire with comments and tweets, this way of reaching fans is something they’ve fully embraced.

"If I want to say something to my fans I don't have to call up my publicist or record label... that interaction with your fans is priceless."

It's clear just from listening to Travis talk about the new album that it's something the whole band is excited about, and the chemistry between Mark, Travis and Matt was on point from the very start. Speaking about how long the writing and recording process had been with past Blink albums, it seems the dynamic between the guys when recording 'California' made for a more spontaneous experience.

"With California we wrote the entire album in like a month and a half... everyone was very compatible... it was an easy album."

Clearly Matt Skiba had shown he could valiantly step into Tom's shoes on the live circuit, but no one could have anticipated just how perfectly he would fit into the band when it came to writing tracks for the album. It seems the new Blink member was full of ideas from the first moment they stepped into the studio. 

 "We got in the studio and it was magic."

Talking about how effortless the new album 'California' was to write and record, the inevitable question of whether Tom would ever be part of Blink-182 was answered candidly by our favourite drummer. 

"I feel like at this point, everyone’s on the same page. Like, I personally talked to Tom a couple of times since this has all happened and I think he took a break, y'know, and it was indefinite..."

From what Travis said, it would appear Tom is supportive of his old band mates moving forward, and with hints of a European tour for next summer and hype for the new album at an all-time high, let's give Travis the last word...

"We love being in Blink, we love writing Blink-182 music, we love touring Blink-182 music, we love the band."