Blink-182 Rock Reading & Leeds 2014

Blink-182 Playing Reading and Leeds 2014

Blink-182 is undoubtedly one of rock music's most talented bands. Over the weekend us UK fans were treated to one of Blink-182’s most electrifying performances of 2014. The band had the great opportunity to headline Leeds Festival on the Friday and close the festival at Reading on the Sunday. They gave the world a riotous and joke-ridden rock show filled with all their hits, spending and hour and a half on the big stage showering their fans with adolescent one-liners, ticker tape and fireworks and providing the thronging crowd with a night they wouldn't forget in a long time!

They kicked off both shows in an amazing way playing "Feeling This" and "What’s My Age Again" to an audience that couldn't get enough of their pop/punk heroes. In between each song, there was some serious toilet banter onstage between Tom and Mark. The jokes during the shows were endless, both Mark and Tom were up to their usual antics. Blink fans have come to expect juvenile jokes and teenagerish antics during live gigs, and the boys were on top form for their headline shows at Reading and Leeds. It's all part of the Blink-182 package, and charm!

The trio fired up the crowds to the max, effortlessly performing 23 of their biggest songs including "I Miss You", "Dammit" and "All The Small Things", whipping the crowd into an energized and entertained frenzy with hit after hit. At one point, Tom DeLonge told the crowd "Holy s***, we are doing a great job". And the crowd responded by going wild! Were the Blink boys living up to every expectation? Absolutely!

Blink-182 were on form!

Blink’s 90 minutes on stage was absolute pop/punk paradise for fans new and old, as the band fired up the crowd with each riotous, raucous, rock filled moment. Leeds and Reading saw a Blink finely tuned, playing to an adoring audience and clearly loving every moment of it. The thing about being dubbed the biggest pop/punk band in the world is you have to seriously live up to the name, and Blink-182 never fail to deliver an exciting, exhilarating gig. Reading and Leeds was no exception.

Finally after giving the crowd enough head banging moments they wrapped up the successful shows with "Family Reunion". This curse-filled classic is a favourite to round of Blink gigs, with the air turning blue from the audience participation and the guys just basking in the glory of having the whole place in the palm of their hand. This crowd pleasing finale is a staple, and no Blink-182 gig is complete without it. If there had ever been any doubt that Blink belonged as headliners for probably one of the biggest UK festivals around today, then this powerhouse performance shattered that – and then some!

Reading and Leeds 2014 is the kind of gig Blink fans will remember for a long time to come, and also notably the last time they'd headline such a festival with Tom DeLonge. For those who were there, you've got your memories, and probably a whole bunch of merch, and for those of you who couldn't make it, Blink-182's performance will keep people talking for weeks to come. Those who missed out can catch some of the clips from the show on the BBC iPlayer or check out the full concert footage below.