Blink-182 Writing & Recording New Music With Matt Skiba

Matt Skiba playing with Blink-182

As Blink-182 fans contemplate on whether to abandon their hopes of getting new material from the pop punk band, Travis Barker announced some good news!

Travis revealed that the trio have about four or five songs that they have recorded during an interview with NME. Travis is very happy with the bands current progress and seems happy to be back in the studio. The last few weeks we’ve seen numerous pictures of Mark, Travis and Alkaline Trio’s guitarist Matt Skiba in the studio together. He talked about their new guitarist Matt as "killing it", he described him as a fun person to work and write with.

Travis mentioned a song he already loves titled "Punk Rock Cliché" which is about the friends of the band members and their relationships. Mark Hoppus described the new music as “early blink meets early alkaline trio”. With Tom DeLonge no longer in the band, Travis admitted things have obviously changed, but really loves what they’ve come up with so far.

When asked about the future, Barker said that with no strict deadlines, they will be working to release a new album. According to him, they don’t have a limit on the number of songs to write, and will release an album when they feel it’s ready.

Are you excited Blink-182 are creating new music with Matt Skiba?