Blink-182 Moving Forward From Tom DeLonge

Tom DeLonge splitting from Blink-182

The news of Tom DeLonge's sudden and mysterious departure from Blink-182 earlier this year caught us all by surprise. The uncertainty surrounding the band's future is even more scary as one of the remaining members, Mark Hoppus, confirmed in a recent interview Tom was indeed out. Amidst the speculations of Tom's actual departure from the band, Mark revealed, in the Das Process Podcast, that currently, Blink-182 is going through a "friendly divorce" with Tom DeLonge. He further hopes that everything will settle down and the separation will run smoothly without involving lawyers and managers.

It has been difficult for the band to move forward or even plan for the future because Tom did not quit formally. Blink-182's drummer, Travis Barker, was particularly angered by Tom's actions. Travis even publicly challenged DeLonge to "man up and quit" the band. Hoppus recalls receiving the call that informed him Tom had quit the band and it was one of his lowest moments in his career. The band was set to hit the studios to record a new album when Tom bailed. Mark could not understand how Tom simply decided to walk away from their 20-year-old beautiful creation.

In the meantime...

To ensure the band's current projects do not stall due to Tom's departure, the remaining members recruited the talented guitarist, Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio. Matt was a great fit in the band's performance at Musink Fest. It is also likely that after Tom's issue has been resolved, Matt might record a new LP with the band. Matt says he has known the band for over 15 years and they have all grown to become good friends. He is enthusiastic about playing some of the songs that Blink-182 are famous for. Matt Skiba was, however, quick to clarify that he is not the new permanent replacement to Tom because of his commitments with Alkaline Trio.

Future plans

It appears that both Tom and what's remaining of Blink-182 have solid plans for the future. Soon after leaving, Tom announced he'd be releasing a new solo album, To the Stars… Demos, Odds and Ends in April. Later, he added that he'll release a total of 4 albums in 2015. The 4 include 2 solo works and 2 others with Angels & Airwaves. In a recent Instagram post, Tom hinted that part of the reason he left his former band was because he had other partnerships and commitments developed over the years and that he couldn't compromise them by staying with Blink-182. 

Going into the future, Blink-182 is likely to seek the services of Matt on a full-time basis. Mark does, however, admit that all upcoming records of 2015 would be delayed following Tom's departure, but the band is keen on revamping and re-emerging to dominate the music arena just like old times. He did not give a clear timeline on when we'd be hearing new releases from the pop punk band, but he says it should be soon, and he is excited about the thought. Hopefully, the "friendly divorce" with Tom DeLonge will end well.

Would you like to see Matt Skiba record an album with Mark and Travis?