Blink-182 Back On Top With Number 1 Album

Blink-182 Claim Number 1 Spot

Pokemon fever is sweeping the world again and Blink-182 is back at the top of the charts. Did we fall into a time tunnel and wake up in 2001? Nope, it's just that some things stand the test of time! With Blink-182's new album 'California' hitting the number 1 spot in both the UK and the US, it seems the pop/punk trio have bounced back with a vengeance after their amicable divorce with founder member Tom DeLonge last year. 

Number 1 on Billboard 200

So how did Blink-182 manage to knock Drake from the top of the US album charts? Simple, by producing a fantastic and long-awaited set of songs that fans have been crying out for! It's the band's first album release since Tom's departure, and Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba has fit perfectly into the slot he left behind. Well, if you're going to make a comeback with a brand new member, best to go big or go home. Blink has proven going big is the only way to go!

A blast out loud album packed with anthemic pop/punk tracks brought firmly up to date by the legendary trio, 'California' is Blink’s second number 1 album, with 'Take Off Your Pants and Jacket' hitting the top spot in the States fifteen years ago. And it's now five years since their last album 'Neighbourhoods' hit the charts, peaking in the UK at number 6 in 2011.

Bored to Death

But it's not just 'California' that’s taking the music world by storm, lead single 'Bored to Death' has scored the Blink boys their highest alternative singles debut, flying up the US charts and enjoying massive airplay on radio stations across the globe. And with the single still basking in the MTV Rocks video chart, 'Bored to Death' appears to be leaving viewers anything but!

Any question as to whether Blink 182 would survive without Tom at the helm has been firmly and fantastically answered by the huge successes of both 'California' and 'Bored to Death'. Right now, the world is the trio's oyster once more, and with a US tour planned this summer and hints at European dates to be added soon, it's an exciting time for Blink-182 and fans worldwide as they find their feet and hit the ground running. Do we love the new album? You bet we do, and the fan support for new member Matt and a slightly different yet instantly recognisable Blink sound has been phenomenal.

Topping the UK Album Charts

Speaking on how thrilled they are to find the band with its first UK number 1 album, let's leave the last words to the crowned princes of pop/punk...

"We're so excited and thankful to be Number 1 in the UK. This is the first time we have ever got a Number 1, and we are super thankful to all of you for supporting us."

With such a high profile start to their comeback after Tom and social media going wild with the hype, Blink are back on top!