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A young picture of blink-182

We’ve been talking about and hoping that a new blink-182 album was in the works! And now we have some official word direct from Tom DeLonge twetting “Rehearsals start today... And yes there will be a new album #SorryForTheWait”.

But let's not expect anything...

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Blink-182 set to play a one-off London Date before Reading & Leeds Festival

Blink-182 are set to headline the main stages at this year's Reading & Leeds festival, but they have just announced 2 warm up shows taking place...

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We celebrate 15 years of Enema Of The State

People across the World will be celebrating Enema of the State turning 15 year old today since it was released in June, 1999. This iconic record from Blink-182 was very popular when it was released and...

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The what’s and when’s of Blink 182 in 2014

You might imagine that the members of Blink 182 have been pretty busy over the last year or two - and if so, you'd be right. Both the band as a whole and some of its most prominent personalities...

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Fun Facts about Blink-182

Everybody knows All The Small Things was written by Tom about his girlfriend after she complained that he always wrties songs about other girls . But did you know that bassist Mark Hoppus met his future wife on the shoot for this video, who...

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Our Top 10 Blink-182 Singles & Songs

Everyone has their own ideas on their favourite Blink-182 songs – some great, some bad choices and some completely overplayed. There’s also heaps of lists out there and variables used to determine the best or top singles. As a UK site,...

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Travis Barker appears to have plenty going on in his life right now, on Instagram he recently shared that he is writing a memoir that will be published in spring of 2014. Although he doesn't reveal a lot of details, he's toured the world with blink-182, collaborated with some...

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Blink-182 Headlining Reading & Leeds Festival 2014

The first few bands for 2014’s Reading & Leeds Festivals have just been announced and we couldn’t be more excited as Blink-182 will be headlining the main stage.

Mark Hoppus on the announcement:

"I’m stoked to play Reading & Leeds 2014. It’s our...

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