Love: Part Two

Released: Nov 01, 2011 / Tracks
Love: Part Two by Angels & Airwaves

Hot on the heels of the release of Love, came the second part of the project , released on the band's own label To The Stars Records.  Released in 2011 to coincide with the band's corresponding film, also titled Love, this is an exuberant fourth album from the band, and the last to feature drummer Atom Willard and bassist Matt Wachter. 

Love Part 2 continues the conceptual theme of the first part of the project, exploring themes of love, God, hope and the basic human need for contact. From the soaring interstellar intro to 'Saturday Love', it’s clear the band has moved into deeper territory with this album, coming back with a stronger sound and a more synthesised theme, whilst still maintaining the arena rock sound they'd worked so hard to perfect. Moving on from there, 'Anxiety' has a touch of the Cure in its chord progression and chiming guitars. From triumphant beginnings, the album starts to explore darker themes midway with 'Moon As My Witness' a poignant high point of Love Part 2.

'We Are All That We Are' rounds of the album with aplomb, a slow build reaching a crescendo. For all the intricate theories and themes explored by Angels & Airwaves throughout the years, this one song at the end of Love Part 2 is a celebration of life, love and humanity, and a perfect way to wrap up the Love Project. 

After its release in November 2011, Love Part 2 was met with mixed reviews from critics, some scathingly bad, some at least giving the band kudos for sticking to their guns with regard to sound, concept and innovation. It reached #30 on the US Billboard album charts, and also signalled the end of an era. Atom Willard's time with the band was over, and he left thanking them for six great years together, for Matt Wachter, who wanted to spend more time with family, and also for sound engineer Jeff 'Critter' Newell, seen as the '5th member' who died on New Years Eve 2011.

A deluxe edition was released in 2012 with the inclusion of the film 'Love', in which astronaut Lee Miller is stranded alone on the International space station. As the Earth below him collapses, he becomes to realise he's the last human alive. The film's comment on the basic human need for contact is all set to Angel & Airwaves Love concept albums. 

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