Our Top 5 Live Tracks From The 2016 US California Tour

Blink-182 Live In Concert

Summer 2016 was the season Blink-182 fans had been waiting for. With the pop punk heroes releasing a brand new album 'California' with newbie Matt Skiba, and soaring up the charts with the singles 'Bored To Death' and 'Rabbit Hole', the only thing fans longed for more was to see their idols live – and Blink were only too happy to oblige. 

Kicking off their US Summer Tour in their hometown of San Diego, Blink-182 has blazed a trail across the states and Canada, with the likes of A Day To Remember, All American Rejects and All Time Low sharing the stage. But like all tours, even Blink have had their share of ups and downs – everything from Mark Hoppus chasing Pokemon across the country, to Travis playing for two weeks with a broken foot, life on the road with Blink is never dull!

Youtube has been flooded with live clips since the tour commenced, so check out our Top 5 favourite live tracks from Mark, Travis and Matt during the 'California' tour...

The Only Thing That Matters

Filmed during the El Paso gig in July, 'The Only Thing That Matters' has all the electricity and energy of early Blink, brought firm into the Matt Skiba age. Matt's vocal performance on this track is sublime, a perfect fit for this irreverent pop punk anthem, and his on stage presence and banter with Mark and Travis shows a musician at ease in his new Blink-182 roll. Sassy lyrics, tight performance from the band, and a dose of sardonic humour makes 'The Only Thing That Matters' a new live fan favourite.

She’s Out of Her Mind

This VIP sound check of 'She's Out Of Her Mind' from San Diego has some real Blink-182 old school energy to it, and shows that even when the boys aren't playing for the crowd, they give it all. Just check out how hard Travis is working! Kick ass riffs, and a killer hook, 'She's Out Of Her Mind' has become a new classic in no time at all, and this sound check performance is out of this world.

Feeling This

Another from San Diego, but this is the opening track of a phenomenal first live gig of the tour. And what an opener! Mark's vocal soaring over that familiar riff we know so well, Travis knocking us for a six with his drumming skills, and Matt tying the whole thing together perfectly. 'Feeling This' is a perfect opener, grabbing the crowd and promising them a gig they'll never forget. Out and out classic Blink-182 brought right up to date.

Bored To Death & Built This Pool

Filmed in Toronto in August, the audience participation on 'Bored To Death' is just brilliant – to hear the whole crowd joining in with such enthusiasm must be pretty special for the Blink boys, and it's clear they’re enjoying is just as much as the fans. The lead single from 'California', 'Bored To Death' has the potential to become a new live favourite, and whereas fans have been torn between loving the new Blink material and missing Tom's vocals, this track is all about Mark and Matt, cementing his place in the band. Fantastic pop punk riffs and patented Blink-182 'woah, woah, woahs', 'Bored To Death' has it all.

I Miss You

Finishing up with an all-time Blink-182 favourite, 'I Miss You' recorded Los Angeles in June. Many fans have faced a dilemma when it comes to tracks like this. We're so used to Tom's unmistakable vocals coming in with 'where are you...' and suddenly there's this whole new tone with Matt's voice. 

As Matt said himself "I can’t completely abandon some of the inflections, but at the same time I've been a Blink fan for so long and to be able to sing some of my favourite songs and put my twist on it is a great deal of fun and an honour."  There's not much to say about 'I Miss You' that hasn't already been said, so we'll just add that this 2016 version has retained its dark, pop punk ballad iconicity, and no doubt always will!

There were so many great live tracks to choose from but these are the stand out ones for us. Now all we need is for Blink to take on the rest of the world, and we can soak up some of that phenomenal live vibe for ourselves! Watch this space!