Top 10 Blink-182 Songs According To Chart Position

Our Top 10 Blink-182 Singles & Songs

Everyone has their own ideas on their favourite Blink-182 songs – some great, some bad choices and some completely overplayed. There’s also heaps of lists out there and variables used to determine the best or top singles. As a UK site, this countdown is based on UK chart positions, so you might find a few surprises (like no Adam’s song – shock!).

10. Up All Night

A high charter outside the Top 40 in the UK (it peaked at 48), Up All Night is one of Blink’s latest efforts from the album Neighborhoods, released in 2011. Its success may have been built around the fact it was the band’s first single since their indefinite hiatus announced six years previously.

9. Always

Unsurprisingly, next up is a track from the critically acclaimed, self-titled Blink 182. Always reached 36 in the UK charts in 2004, showcasing the more mature lyrics that the album was famed for.

8. First Date

Peaking at number 31 on the UK Top 40, this was a single taken from the band’s highest charting album in the UK – Take Off Your Pants And Jacket. Released back in 2001, it followed some of the band’s most successful releases from pop-punk’s heyday.

7. Not Now

The last single released before the band commenced their hiatus back in 2005, Not Now just pips First Date to 7th on the list, by charting at number 30. The song features on the band’s Greatest Hits album.

6. Down

Another stonker from the band’s self-titled album, Down climbed it’s way to 24 in 2004. Fun fact: Down is also available to download and play on the popular video game Rock Band.

5. What’s My Age Again?

As much fun as it would’ve been if this song charted at number 23, it actually peaked at an impressive 17 in the UK Top 40. Released last millennium (in 1999), it again comes from pop-punk’s glory days.

4. Feeling This

First single from the self-titled album and regular tour-opener, Feeling This nested quite nicely in the top 20, comfortably sitting at 15 in the chart. The track is signified by many as Blink’s shift to a more mature lyrical direction.

3. The Rock Show

The Rock Show, taken again from the hugely successful Take Off Your Pants And Jacket, just beats Feeling This into the top 3, by charting at number 14. The single was the most successful song from the album.

2. I Miss You

Although widely reported to have generated more sales than the top song on our list, I Miss You is one of only two Blink 182 singles to reach the top 10 in the UK. It reached number 8 back in 2004.

1. All The Small Things

Again, perhaps to no surprise, the top single on the list comes from the early noughties, when Blink 182 were like golddust. Just missing out on the number 1 spot in the UK, All The Small Things reached number 2 on the UK Top 40 in 2000.