Tom DeLonge And His Life Outside Blink-182

Tom DeLonge On Stage With Angels & Airwaves

Tom DeLonge's career with Blink-182 is a given. But what about when the band’s on hiatus? What does this singer songwriter extraordinaire do when he’s not touring and recording with Blink? Let’s delve into Tom's world outside Blink-182, and find out.

The Entrepreneur

Unsure of Blink-182's musical security and longevity, Tom began his business ventures in 1998, starting with the holding company RLP (Really Likeable People). In the next few years, Tom went on to co-found, a youth clothing website, and Atticus Clothing in 2001 with Mark Hoppus and long term friend Dylan Anderson. Macbeth footwear also followed the following year, the rock n roll inspired shoe line boasted vegan friendly shoes in its line and worked closely with artists and sports stars.

Ever the visionary, Tom's technology and design firm Modlife was founded in 2007, giving him further financial stability during Blink's indefinite hiatus and the inception of Angels & Airwaves. The idea of Modlife is that acts can monetize other aspects of their creative portfolio, including merchandise, tour tickets and posters. At this time, Modlife handles the official sites of acts including The White Stripes and Pearl Jam. 

Side Projects

In 2001,Tom formed the band Box Car Racer with Travis Baker and David Kennedy, releasing one eponymously titled album and embarking on a tour to support it. The exclusion of Mark Hoppus from the project created tension when Blink reformed, but on a high note, Blink-182 were able to expand their musical direction as a result of the diversity of the Box Car Racer sound. 

In 2005, Tom embarked on another project, Angels & Airwaves, once again teaming up with David Kennedy. The band focused on creating arena rock concept albums - a far cry from the sound associated with Tom and Blink. Angels & Airwaves released five albums, with their fifth album The Dream Walker set to be a long term multimedia project involving animated films, comics and a graphic novel.

Writer and Director

A prolific and often poetic songwriter, Tom added another string to his bow when he wrote and published his first book in 2013, a children’s book entitled The Lonely Astronaut On Christmas Eve. After his friendly divorce from Blink-182 in 2015, Tom announced he’ll be working on 15 novels over the course of the year. Tom’s first novel, co-written with best-selling author Suzanne Young is entitled Poet Anderson…Of Nighmares, and due for release in October 2015 with an accompanying Angels & Airwaves EP, all released by his production company To The Stars.  Could this mean he’ll be adding best-selling author to his resume? 

In 2004, Tom directed the music video ‘The Photograph Is Proof (I Know You Know)’ for Taking Back Sunday. Finding the medium fascinating, he has since worked on Angels & Airwaves related movie projects, and co-directed the animated short film Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker.

Home and Hobbies

Tom has always expressed an interest in space, from Angels & Airwaves album cover designs reflecting this, to his concept for the film ‘Love’ centring around an astronaut on the International space station, to his own alien abduction theory.  In 2001, Tom launched the website Strange Times, reflecting his curiosity for all things extra terrestrial.  The site focused on cryptozoology, conspiracy theories, alien being and the paranormal.

In 2001, Tom married his high school friend Jennifer Jenkins in California. The couple dated for five years before Tom proposed to Jennifer while she slept. In 2002, Tom became a father with the birth of his daughter Ava Elizabeth, and again in 2006 when Jennifer gave birth to a son, Jonas Rocket. As if the DeLonge house wouldn’t be hectic enough, the family share their California home with three dogs.