Mark Hoppus And His World Outside Blink-182

Mark Hoppus On Stage

So what does Mark Hoppus do when he’s not in the studio or touring with Blink-182? A producer, clothing designer and TV Host, here we take a look at the life Mark lives when he’s not being one third of the world’s biggest name in pop punk.

The Producer

When he’s not fronting Blink, Mark finds himself on the other side of the recording console and has a keen interest in the production side of the music industry, undoubtedly learning much from Blink producer and friend, the late Jerry Finn. Mark has carved himself a niche over the years, producing records for Idiot Pilot, New Found Glory, The Matches and Motion City Soundtrack. 

In 2014, Mark teamed up with +44 engineer/keyboardist Chris Holmes and drummer Sarah Jones to form the electronic rock band Nothing and Nobody.  Mark stated to Kerrang! magazine that the band had eight or nine songs in the pipeline, but with only song released, a remix of Nova Rockafeller’s ‘1990’s’, and Mark’s focus back on his career with Blink, it’s unclear whether this project will ever bear any real fruit.

The Businessman

Mark co-owned Atticus clothing and Macbeth Footwear with Tom Delonge and childhood friend Dylan Anderson. Atticus was created in 2001 and heavily influenced by music, releasing three compilation CD’s entitled Dragging The Lake, featuring bands such as The Used, Coheed and Cambria, Jimmy Eat World and Death Cab For Cutie. 

Macbeth focused on custom footwear and featured collaborations with numerous artists and sports stars including Mike Dirnt (Green Day), Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance) and skateboarder Matt Hensley.  The company aimed to reduce its carbon footprint and impact on the environment by using recycled canvas, with 70% of its shoes being vegan friendly. Mark ultimately sold his shares in the companies and started a new venture in 2013 with his clothing company HiMyNameIsMark, which started life as a drawing of a particularly mean looking octopus and has grown into something of a cult. 


Between 2010 and 2012, Mark hosted his own show ‘Hoppus On Music’ (previously named A Different Spin With Mark Hoppus).  The focus of the show was music and humour, with panel discussions and special reports, initially featuring Amy Schumer as co-host. Over the course of the show, it featured guests and live performances from artists including My Chemical Romance, Cee Lo Green, Foo Fighters, Phil Collins and many more.  In addition to this, Mark was guest actor in the show Haunted, and appeared as a panellist on the UK comedy music quiz Never Mind The Buzzcocks. 


HiMyNameIsMark is a podcast hosted by Mark, focusing on his love for music. The fortnightly podcast includes music from underground bands, interviews with bands or friends, and interesting life events. A spin-off project from the podcast, Hopp On Popp, features reviews by Mark on his favourite upcoming bands. One of the latest podcasts asks the question ‘What The Hell Is A Matt Skiba?’ in which he interviews newest Blink recruit and Alkaline Trio vocalist Matt.

Home life and Down Time

Mark met his wife Skye Everly on the set of All The Small Things, where she initially turned down a date with him. The pair married in 2000 and in 2002 Mark added ‘dad’ to his resume when their son Jack was born. In 2011during the recording of Neighbourhoods, Mark and his family relocated to Mayfair in London, where they remained for three years. During his time in London, Mark took a liking to jogging in the park and became a fan of Chelsea FC.  Singer, songwriter, bassist, producer, designer, host, columnist for Risen magazine, husband and father - Mark Hoppus is arguably one of the busiest men in music. When he does get some down time, Mark enjoys history books, particularly regarding WWII, and enjoys Breaking Bad, Sons Of Anarchy and the ever popular Adventure Time.