California’s Finest Singles

California’s Finest Singles

California Deluxe Edition Available Now!

The lead single from California, 'Bored To Death' has become a firm fan favourite, but that's not the only single from the hit album! Check out more below...

Bored To Death

'The voices in my head are always screaming, that none of this means anything to me...'

The lead single from California, complete with killer hook, catchy chorus, and easy to pick up, singalong lyrics. Channelling early Blink and Matt's Alkaline Trio influence, 'Bored To Death' has proven a showstopper on the recent US tour, and boasts a classically irreverent video.

She's Out Of Her Mind

'She's got a black shirt, black skirt, and Bauhaus stuck in her head...'

Easily one of the best tracks on California, 'She's Out Of Her Mind' has a 'Rock Show' vibe to it, and even a touch of 'Girl All The Bad Guys Want' from pop/punk stable mates Bowling For Soup. Impossible not to sing along to, this is classic Blink, and the video is a nod to one of the band’s most iconic scenes...

Parking Lot

'We are forgotten young suburbia, loose on the streets of California...'

Featured on the up and coming California Deluxe edition album, 'Parking Lot' is fast paced and relentless, with an adolescent punk lyric and a driving rhythm – and more than a touch of the tongue in cheek humour we've come to expect from Blink. Currently a lyric video, this track has all the potential of becoming a new fan favourite, and features some blistering vocals from Matt and Mark as they reminisce about their youth.


'Fifteen times a day when you check your phone and I won't be there and you’re all alone...'

Another track from the California deluxe edition, 'Misery' is a toned down, stripped back track with great potential for stunning the audience on the live stage. Nothing says Blink more than a song with all the guts and emotion of a ballad paired with the driving rhythm of a pop punk backbone. 'Misery' has an almost brutal, conversational lyric that speaks to the masses, and we reckon it has anthem written all over it!

Home Is Such A Lonely Place

'I wish that we could save today, but I know we can’t stay the same...'

A sweet, poetic ballad with more than a hefty dose of Blink melancholy, something the band manage to pull off beautifully (think 'Miss You'), 'Home Is Such A Lonely Place' is Blink at their acoustic best. This track shows the reflective side of the Mark/Matt/Travis songwriting combination – a huge step away from the adolescent pop/punk anthems, yet still typically Blink.


'In between whispers and screams you permeate my soul...'

This is one frantic track, and as advertised in the title is played in 6/8 time, hence the erratic, relentless beat. From the scorching vocal performance to some blisteringly brutal lyrics, '6/8' has all the elements of a punk rock classic, Blink 182 style. Featured on the California Deluxe edition, if '6/8' is anything to go by, the additional material on this already epic album is sure to please.